Monday, April 4, 2011

where love?

today,as my memory wanders
at the end of this road,i stil linger
although i can't see you,you're still holding me tight
i also question this path

i want to see you
and i want to hold you
ilook up in the sky and pray
if it's not you, then it can't be
i can't be without you
being like this for days, months, even years

even if i'm hurt, it's fine
thats right, i'ts because i love you
i cannot do it again
i cannot send you away
if i forget you, i can't go on

my bruised heart
is yelling at me to look for you
where are you?
where are you?
dont you hear my voice?
to me,
i may live again
but no matter how many times im born

i cant live a day without you
youre the person i will keep
the person that i 'ill
the person that i'll love
yes,because you're the only one i need.

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